Private Equity, Investment Banking, and Family Office Services

East 57th Street Partners has extensive experience understanding and managing the unique complexities of Private Equity, Investment Banking, Family Office, and Venture Capital investing. Our deep transaction knowledge and experience allows us to provide a wide range of strategic assistance, and consultative services, including- buy and sell diligence, vetting and sourcing of existing or new leadership teams, integration services, operational resets, investor, and financial reporting, etc. Our services begin at the investment fund level and extend to the ongoing delivery of targeted outcomes across an entire portfolio.

E57 Street’s comprehensive services address the sophisticated financial and growth needs that are unique to the PE and transaction-oriented investor community. From pre-close diligence and planning to supporting critical financial needs, improving financial transparency, and optimizing portfolio company performance during the investment period.  We help private equity firms and other investors realize value upon exit and uncover the full potential of every opportunity. We have particularly extensive experience with complex and distressed transactions.

Our services help achieve financial objectives throughout the investment cycle – from initial due diligence to post-acquisition accounting, operations, IT, and business system process assimilation. Additionally, our M&A HR experts provide specialized services ranging from soft asset due diligence (vetting personnel) and assimilation of benefit and compensation plans, to total post-acquisition organizational planning and restructure, to ensure the success of your strategic, financial, and operational goals.

Our private equity service team has a long history of assisting a broad client base, ranging from independent sponsors, venture capital, family offices, and mezzanine/junior capital sources to established leveraged buyout funds. Our clients have benefited from our exceptional client service, deep industry knowledge, technical expertise, and timely delivery of value-added solutions.

Our passion for anticipating the special needs of our Transaction Advisory Clients, coupled with our network of experts and resources, translates into personalized solutions for the distinct requirements of private equity, investment banking, family office, and venture capital firms and their portfolio companies. We are always thrilled to provide references from current and past clients and share appropriate non-confidential war stories to assist you in determining our potential fit for your needs.

Contact us to learn more about how E57 can help you and your team meet your goals at every step of your business transaction and business expansion journey.