What is E57 Experienced for Hire?

…Unique Opportunities for Gen X and Baby Boomers

At East 57th Street Partners, we embrace diversity and encourage a workforce that represents people from all walks of life.

Many diverse groups throughout our country have been overlooked. Social and legal groups have fought for decades to correct this.

However, one group that has little or no representation either legally or socially is mature adults, more specifically workers who are aged 55 and older.

Ageism is still legal and accepted in today’s workplace. E57 Partners hopes to, in its own small way, rectify the issue of ageism in the workplace. We want to help and encourage mature professionals who desire to stay involved in the labor market or actively reengage in the vast number of opportunities that exist in the current employment environment.

Since the COVID pandemic and the so called “great resignation” there are more jobs than there are people to fill them. Thanks in part to low birthrates and a higher-than-average retirement rate, we believe labor shortages will be an ongoing problem. Obviously, we cannot go back and change the low birthrate that occurred 20 to 30 years ago. So, finding more young people to enter the job market is simply not an option. However, the activation or reengagement of mature workers could be a potential solution to labor shortages the economy, and more specifically, the project and direct-hire staffing shortage issues companies are experiencing.

To this end, as part of our service to both clients and candidates, the E57 Partners Experience for Hire initiative is dedicated to helping experienced mature professionals (Generation X and Baby Boomers) stay active in consulting and direct hire opportunities they may find to be stimulating, challenging, and fun.

Why should Gen X and Baby Boomer’s want to re-enter the workforce?

  • You may outlive your retirement funds– Have you looked at the value of your 401(k) or retirement account lately? We are blessed to live longer, but inflation and the volatility of the stock market may mean that our funds will expire before we do.
  • You may be boredHow much golfing, fishing, gardening, reading, and daytime television can one stand? Boredom evokes the desire to stay engaged and relevant.
  • You want to stay activeYou still have something to give back. Mentorship, leadership, great connections, insight, energy, and wisdom are things you would still like to share in a meaningful way. You can best do this in an active or semi-active work environment.
  • You want to stay relevantRetirement activities are fun. However, you realize you’d rather stay up to date on the latest information in your chosen field and continue to bring your knowledge and skills to the table a little while longer.
  • Retirement is not for youRetirement is okay, but not as fulfilling as you’d thought it would be. You prefer the challenge that comes with working, especially when the need for your skills and experiences is so robust.

 Why clients love the E57 Experienced for Hire Program

…Experience, Reliability, and More!

  1. More experience means less supervision– Mature workers possess the confidence to be proactive, the insight developed over a period of years, and the ability to hit the deck running solving problems and executing solutions and plans.
  2. Reliability– Mature workers typically have fewer distractions. Their children are grown and out of the house. They typically have fewer social requirements, and more flexible schedules than younger workers.
  3. Focus and collaborationMature workers have “been there and done that.” They are highly collaborative and arrive at the workplace without an ego or special agendas. They are not distracted by internal bureaucracy, office politics, promotion schedules, or PTO. They are not rattled by office gossip, nor do they care who gets credit for a particular idea. They are highly focused, results driven, and have never been the “Quiet Quitters” we hear so much about on social media.
  4. Preference to work onsite or wherever neededClients who desire to have their teams return to the office will find mature workers far more open to onsite office work than others.
  5. Leadership, management, and mentoring skills and experienceMature workers typically have years of experience managing, leading, and mentoring. Not every role will require this. But the skill set is there if or when needed.
  6. Relationships and contactsMature workers have the benefit of developing business relationships and contacts over a period of years. They can help with client and vendor development, brand expansion, as well as helping with ‘Who do we know?’ hard to fill talent needs. They are not afraid of the phone, face-to-face meetings, or productive discussions where everyone may not agree.
  7. Consistency and loyaltyMature workers are typically not job hoppers. They know what they want to do and what they  do best. They are not prone to leave a job to try a new opportunity or to make a few more dollars.
  8. Ability to work with different personality typesMature workers have years of experience navigating office politics and working in highly diversified, multi-racial and multi-generational environments. They are exquisite at adapting.
  9. Long hours do not scare themMature workers come from a generation where working long hours was often the norm. The prospect of working overtime if or when needed does not bother them.
  10. Technology came from themWhile some may fear mature workers are not as adaptable to the technology of today, let’s remember that the most innovative technological innovation period in history has been driven by Baby Boomers and Gen X such as Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Elon Musk (the Gen X founder of Tesla, SpaceX, and PayPal), and the founders of Google…just to name a few.

Exploring Options-

If you are a Gen X or Baby Boomer and are thinking about reentering the workforce or expanding your career options, call us!

If you are a company that has become frustrated with your hiring or project engagement options call or email East 57th Street Partners to discuss the wide variety of hiring, consulting, and staffing solutions we can make available to you and your team.

More About Experienced for Hire-

EAST 57TH STREET PARTNERS LLC., a professional consulting, staffing, and executive search firm specializing in accounting, finance, HR, and IT has launched a new subdivision. Our new subdivision, “Experienced for Hire”, specializes in the recruitment and deployment of professionals with 15 to 35+ years of accounting, finance, HR, and IT experience.

In a post-covid environment, many of our clients are beginning to show a preference for more experienced and matured professionals who are willing to commute, work on-site, and are open to working overtime, if and when needed. Additionally, they seek certain planning, organizational, management, and leadership skills that are typically developed and refined over a period of years and a variety of experiences. The new practice is designed to help heavily experienced and matured professionals who may have left the workforce during COVID, to re-engage either as consultants or direct hire executives.

“As a baby boomer born in the mid-1950s, I can personally relate to those who are just not wanting to retire”, said Rich Lavinski, Managing Partner of East 57th Street. “Most people enjoy staying engaged and relevant no matter their age or station in life. Consulting helps you stay engaged, relevant, purposeful, and young. The robust job market has proved to be an excellent time for heavily experienced professionals to reconsider extending their career and their work options.”

Currently, our country and economy present lifespans that are increasing, while retirement funding is diminishing due to inflation, rising costs, and market setbacks. Under these circumstances, the ability to take on consulting or direct hire work and earn extra spending money in a highly professional environment is a terrific option provided by E57 and its team.

The business model at East 57th Street Partners allows professionals to register and be professionally vetted for potential opportunities. As needs surface, registrants are matched to appropriate engagements or direct hire positions that align with their skills, experience, and personal needs. Within reason, professionals are then allowed pick opportunities that meet their schedule and compensation requirements.

The compensation the firm pays to each professional is determined entirely by the firm’s ability to contract the candidate out at a competitive fair market rate. Our goal is to keep as many professionals as possible deployed on engagements for as long as possible. More specifically, we want our professionals to be engaged in work they find to be fun, stimulating, and highly rewarding.

If you are content heading into retirement, or perhaps enjoy spending most of your time playing golf, fishing, gardening, or watching daytime television, our offering is probably not for you. However, if you are a little stir-crazy, restless, and anxious to contribute and be engaged in something fun, call East 57th Street Partners to discuss opportunities.

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