The E57 Community

The centerpiece of the E57 community is the priority we place on relationships. Our focus on relationships means you will never feel like just another client, just another candidate, or just another employee. Our professionals will listen first, understand your challenges, recommend, and execute the best approach, and deliver the outcomes you need for your project, your business, your career, and your family.

As an E57 Community Member, Alumni, or E57 100 Team Member, you can benefit from career development opportunitiesjob search assistance, free CPE and SPHR seminars and credits, networking opportunities, earning opportunitiesproject engagement opportunities, job search training, and various career balanced lifestyle options.

The E57 100

The E57 100 practice is based on the concept that the quality of an organization is measured by the caliber of its people.

As a member of the E57 100 team, you will receive a wide range of special perks and privileges. Most importantly, you will be on our “top pick” and “first call” list for engagements that align with your skills and experiences.

As many of our clients and candidates already know, the E57 100 community of professionals is a core group of 100 East 57th Street subject matter experts who serve as key consultants in each of our local service markets. These highly-vetted professionals stand in the ready to be responsive to needs on very short notice. They are deployed based on their skills and subject matter expertise, not just because they happen to be available. The E57 100 is our equivalent to a Navy SEAL Team, highly trained, and in waiting for a special project that specifically aligns with their training, experience, and subject matter expertise.

Our E57 service model is to deploy proven consultants who we have worked with consistently over a period of years. These are part of the core team that we use repeatedly based on their exemplary track record with our clients. To be an E57 100 consultant, you must be among the best at what you do and do it with a passionate commitment to client service and collaborative teamwork. For those who meet these qualifications, the rewards are financially and professionally gratifying.

In short, The E57 100 is a tremendous benefit to our client services and professional teams alike.


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