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This is East 57th Street Partners...

At East 57th Street our business is professional accounting, human resource, technology, executive search, and strategic business advisory services.

Our products are high caliber, self-motivated, and self-managed professionals who provide superior value-added consulting services and technology solutions at a fair price. We are dedicated to using the best people, tools, processes and technology to serve the best interests of our clients. Our goal is to be our clients’ first choice by exceeding each client’s expectation through unmatched service, professional expertise and unquestionable integrity.

Our business plan is focused on building lifelong client and employee relationships based upon mutual confidence and teamwork. We can only deliver what we sell by hiring only select employees who share our values and by creating an environment through which the top professionals in their field would chose to work.

The competitive advantage for our firm and for our clients is more than financial resources, business processes or product technology. It is a business system based upon the principles of commitment, value, loyalty and partnership-a system which creates and sustains value for our clients, our employees, and our shareholders-a system in which quality people, passionate about delivering their best, are the key ingredients.

This is East 57th Street... where the competitive advantage is quality people achieving outstanding results.

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